My scene has some trees, so why  not a cottage. It took me a few days of binge watching tutorial videos and about 10 hours of modeling to get this simple mans simple cottage done.

I started by modeling one wooden log as you see below. Next up was an hour of good old copy&paste.


When I was satisfied with the cottage layout and walls, I made a really simple support structure for the roof. If you happen to be an architect, construction worker or just know something about building houses, the next image might bring a slight grin on your face. No feedback on this matter, Thanks 😀


Next up was roof panels and door. The roof is simply a cube that has been scaled to my needs and copied. Nothing special there.

The door in the other hand, needed some editing. I chose a simple pattern on the door and started pushing and pulling the polygon faces. I highlighted the faces that have been extruded, so that it will a bit easier to recognize them in the image.


Final step was to build a stone foundation. I decided to try sculpting in blender and below you can see the result. It’s not so easy for the eyes, but I’m still avoiding high details, because I want to focus on learning the software. I actually ended up creating a normal map for this stone and I used it later in Unreal Engine to make the stone look more realistic, but that a story for a different post.


Now that I have all the pieces I need for the house, it was just a matter of placing them. In the last image you can see complete house (note that the stone roughness is not applied).


I really enjoyed this exercise and I will most likely add more detail to it later. In the cold of a winters eve, it might be pleasant to have a fireplace and a chimney ._.