Today I was wondering what modeling stuff should I experiment on. So I started looking for Blender tutorials in youtube and I stumbled on this gem. I had no idea that Blender has an add-on, which single purpose is to make trees. Fast forward three hours of experimenting and a few hours of mental breakdown. I have my first high resolution tree!

This add-on is really awesome! It allows the designer two add branches, details and modify branch angles and scales with simple sliders. I addition to that, it allows users to create wind animations in a few seconds.

In the beginning the users see a skinny skeleton of a tree, like below.


In a few clicks it transforms into something more “tree like”.


Add a few tweaks here and there and you have a tree with leaves. These leaves are still a bit weird, without any texture.


Smoke a cigarette when your PC crashes, redo all your work from beginning. Notice that Blender is computing everything really slowly. Read guides for hour and a half. Realize that blender is not using your graphics card for rendering and smoke another cigarette. Add some magic and this appears to your screen!


I realized that my leaf density is way too high, the tree bark texture is stretched, so it looks a bit weird, but hey! It’s pretty good for a first try. This model is not good for games as it is, since it has too much details. I already know what to do differently, to make it Unreal Engine friendly. I will keep experimenting with this sapling add-on this week and let’s see if I’ll get something decent out of it.

Leaf and tree bark textures are from Here. It’s a great site if you need textures, but don’t have the photography, image editing skills or time to make your own.

Thanks for reading!