One of the first models I made in the beginning of this summer, was a cottage. After that model, I’ve spent almost 100 hours reading, learning and practicing. About a week ago, I made a new version of the cottage and I’ve put a few photos in this post so that you may see the difference between the two cottages.

So this is the old cottage. It’s pretty good, but it doesn’t have so much detail. I couldn’t add more photos, since this model doesn’t exist anymore…

Here are images of the new house. It has more details and I actually brought it to Unreal Engine. It has a few differences compared to the old model, e.g. chimney, windows, more detailed door, corner boards and some other small  details. I addition to that, I removed the stone foundation. You might also notice that the windows are still missing a glass. I’m still working on it and I will show them in a later post 🙂

Here’s a close up of the cottages window.