As I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, I’m going to build a city. I want the city to be surrounded by a wall and the player needs to be able to walk on top of it. I started to think for an easy solution for making the wall, without designing it’s shape yet (I have no ideas for the layout of the city). I decided to make a few variations of a wall and a tower base, with exchangeable top units. I made two top units for starters. One has a single entrance  and is used in the end of the wall. The other has two entrances, so that you can walk through it. I also made a custom collision for each mesh.

Without further explanations, here’s some images!

I’m using materials with same structure, for all the pieces. These are the steps I used for making them: I unwrapped the models and texture painted the images, from which I made a normal, specular, displacement and ambient occlusion maps in GIMP. I had to make the normal maps weaker by multiplying green and red channels by 0.2 (Result of my poor skills with GIMP ._. )

I wanted to add some different texture on the deep areas of the surface (seams etc.). I did this by plugging two textures to a linear interpolate node and the displacement map is controlling the balance between them.

Only difference with the materials is that for the towers wooden floor, I replaced the top stone texture with a moss texture.

Here’s  a few images of an assembled wall. I might do some adjustment in the material or add more detail to the meshes.

Thanks for reading! Feedback on my post, materials and models are more than welcome, because I’m still learning and trying find best ways to accomplish good results.