Last time I made a wall and a tower. So now would be a proper time for a gate. The gate I made consists of eight individual pieces (+ their custom collisions): a bottom, a top, a room inside it, a door, stairs to the roof, iron gate, a cover for the iron gate to go in to, when it’s being lifted and a decorative arch on surrounding the entrance

Below are two images from inside Blender, so that you can see individual pieces as they were, before applying materials.

I’m using the same stone material as I use for the walls for the gate exterior. For the metal gate I made a rusty material. I wanted it to be reusable, so I made it so that I’m able to change the metal base color, rust color and tiling size. The door uses two materials: A wood material for the door itself and the gates rusty metal, for the support structure and door handle.

Below is an image of the rust material.

And here’s the assembled gate as a part of the wall.

A close view of the metal gate:

After I finished with the gate, I made a fast layout so that I have a city to populate with buildings. You can see the layout below.

That’s all about the gate, but my next project is already on it’s way! I started making a monastery/church/temple for the left end of the city. I’ve been working on it for a day now and I will most likely not make a new post before I’m done with it (including interior). My aim is to make it fully accessible, including a main hall, an attic, a bell tower and some day I might add a creepy dungeon :O

Below is a sneak peak of the unfinished model.

The next post will not come soon, but it will most likely be a long one 🙂

Thanks for reading!