So I had a small problem with the lantern mesh. Inside the lantern is a candle and a point light to imitate it’s light. When I was originally modeling the lantern I made a mistake by not giving the lantern walls and roof any depth. As a result the light inside it leaks through the surface. After some troubleshooting, I realized that the problem wasn’t the light settings, but the mesh.

Luckily this kind of mistake is easy to fix, by making the walls thicker. In the image below is the lantern mesh, with the new inner wall highlighted.

I took a few screenshots to show the big difference, caused by a small mistake.

And if someone is interested, below is the wax material I use for my candles. The roughness, normal and ambient occlusion maps actually belong to a rock material, but they seem to fit here just fine ^^

Note to self: Pay attention to details!