I’ve been neglecting coding for a long time, because modeling has been my main focus since June 2016. I’ve though about finding some exercises and luckily I got a heads up from an acquaintance. He told me a about a sale at Udemy. This wasn’t just any sale. It was an Unreal Engine 4 c++ game development course, with 44 hours of material! Just what I have been looking for! Today on 4th of January 2017 the course is still in a 95% sale and I can say that it’s really useful for a c++ beginner like me.

Big thanks to Olli, for telling me about course. I have absolutely loved it!

Changing node based programming for c++

After finishing the first two projects on the course, I converted my blueprint based underground facility project, into a c++ project. From now on I will try to use c++ instead of Unreal Engines node based programming, to keep up my programming skills. Before I took the course, I hadn’t written a single line of c++, but I have some experience in similar languages, so I should learn it just fine 🙂

Basic idea of my code

I placed a door mesh into a blueprint and this blueprint uses  the OpenDoor code. A trigger volume is placed around the door and while the player is in the trigger volume, he can press “R” to open or close the door. I KNOW that “R” is an uncommon key for interaction in games, but it was already bound to the default pawns controls and I tried find the fuckers inputs for a long time, but no results 😦

Note: I’m posting the code as an image, because I can’t post indented and highlighted code in WordPress. Click the images to make them larger.




Door blueprint receiving OnOpen & OnClose events

And here’s a quick video to prove that it actually works 😀

Thank’s for reading!