I’m happy to say that I’ve made steady progress with this project! But when things go well, there also has to be problems… This post is about images, so I’ll try to write this as shortly as possible.

Recent problems:

Unreal Engine 4.14 has been the most unstable version that I’ve worked with so far. During last two weeks the engine has crashed 40-50 times… I’ve had 5 crashes today and I’ve only worked for 4 hours. This occurs mostly while I’m importing models. I haven’t been able to catch the culprit behind this, because it also happens in several other situations. As far as I know it’s not related to my computer.

Project got corrupted:

So this happened a while ago. Unreal Engine crashed and was unable restart. I got an error message saying “unable to compile project”. I tried to fix it for four hours and later I reinstalled UE4. I also had to start a new project and collect my content from the dead projects folders. Luckily I only had to redo four hours of work.

Here’s the good news!

Recent Progress:

  • Code for picking up objects
  • Code for opening doors, drawers etc.
  • Improved landscape material and painted landscape

Recent Models etc.:

  • Hammer
  • Freight container
  • Gas bottles (Welding)
  • Maintenance building
  • Radio tower
  • Disc antenna
  • Drum antenna
  • Work table
  • Bulletin board
  • Danger sign (2 versions)
  • Metal fence and gate
  • Electrical cabinet

Work in progress and planned for near future:

  • Stairs and platforms going up to the radio station, from the hangar.
  • More tools and electrical equipment for maintenance building
  • Cables and other details for radio tower

Here’s some images!


A short demo video of the item pick up system, as it is at the moment.

Thanks for reading! 🙂