It’s about time for a second part of my underground facility project. If you haven’t seen the first part, go check it out! I’ve made nice and steady progress with the project and every time I open Unreal Engine I’m more excited about it!

Here’s some recent additions and changes I’ve made:

  • Turned the default scene from day to night/evening
  • Start up menu with play button, graphics settings and quit button
  • In game menu with a couple of gameplay options (field of view and sensitivity)
  • Staircase going up the mountain to the radio station
  • Fog
  • Spotlight poles with godrays on the yard
  • Red lights on radio tower
  • Snow particle system, which follows the player and shuts down when player goes inside
  • Entrance room for the underground facility (Work in progress)
  • Lifting doors to separate tunnels from other facility sections (facility sections do not exist yet)
  • Made a character blueprint and set up controls from scratch. Character can walk, crouch, use flashlight, open doors and jump.

I also packaged the game and shared it to friends, so that they can test the basic mechanics and I get feedback.

Plans for future:

  • Finish facility entrance room
  • Expand the landscape (sea, valley, background view)
  • Add foliage meshes (stones, snow piles, trees)
  • Ladder climbing system
  • Facility sections (living quarters, surveillance/guard room, infirmary, cafeteria etc.)

Here’s a demo video of my project!