During the last two to three weeks I’ve been working on blueprints for the game. The video below has a quick overview of the blueprints in the game.

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Readable Notebook

Since my game will not have a HUD or hints outside the game world, I decided to make a way to give information to the player. This blueprint consists of a notebook mesh, a widget and a blueprint.


This is one of my favorites so far. The model and texture ended up looking just as I imagined.

Notebook Model


As the player is standing next to the notebook, he can interact with it and a translucent widget opens. On the background is an image of the notebook and on top of it is a text. The title and text can be written for each notebook in the editor view. Pressing E, ESC or clicking the Close button will remove the widget.

Notebook Widget Overview
Notebook Widget Script


When the player is overlapping with a trigger box and is interacting, the blueprint will open the notebook widget and sets the title and text from it’s own variables.

(The blueprint continues from the first image, to the second.)

Notebook Blueprint 1/2
Notebook Blueprint 2/2


The first area where the player comes to, is an abandoned port which was used for transporting supplies and personnel to the facility. This port was abandoned a long time ago and doesn’t have power. This makes the sailors rest house a dark place during the night. Luckily for the player, there’s a back up generator in an old shed, behind the building. Interacting with the generator will turn on the rest house lights.

The blueprint is quite simple. The blueprint gets an input from a OpenDoor code which check’s if something is open or closed (on/off).  The OpenDoor code handles player overlap and keeping track of the generators state, so that I don’t have to rewrite existing code.

When the generator is turned on, a GeneratorIsOn event is called. The lamps inside the house have been listening for this event since the game started. When the lamps notice that power has come on, the lights become visible and an emissive material is set on the light bulbs.

The “PlayerYesInteract” is a function used to show a “Press E to Interact” widget on the screen. This function is also used by other blueprints that need to show the widget.

Generator blueprint
Rest house generator
Generator in the old shed
Rest house with lights on

Facility Restart Lever

Since the facility is shut down and door is left wide open, our character goes in and finds a control panel with a red lever. There’s also a notebook telling him, that the facilities power can be restarted by pulling the lever. Doing just that, plays a cutscene, showing a view from outside the facility. During this cutscene the lights outside are turned on, one group at the time. After the power is on, the facilities blast door closes itself, the lifting door to the tunnels is enabled, and a live feed from security cameras appears on the monitors in front of you. A random video feed is selected for each monitor from a pool of camera feeds.

Power lever mesh

The first two sections of the blueprint are for checking if player overlaps and checking boolean values to make sure the lever only works when it’s supposed to. The second part of the blueprint contains the lever and the lid movement and calling an event in the level blueprint, which turns on the lights.

The blueprint continues from the first image, to the second.

Power lever blueprint 1/2
Power lever blueprint 2/2

Falling Tree

This is a really a simple, but fun blueprint. The falling tree consists of two meshes, a stump and a trunk. The trunk is standing upwards on top of the stump, until the player enters it’s trigger box. Once triggered, the trunk’s physics simulation is enabled, the tree falls down and an audio clip of the same event starts playing.

Falling tree stump
Falling tree trunk
Falling tree blueprint

Climbable Ladder

Last, but not least is the climbable ladder. This is also a really simple blueprint, but it works surprisingly well. Around the ladder is an invisible box, which makes the player fly while he’s inside. That’s it. Really simple and effective.

Radio tower ladder
Climbable ladder blueprint

Thank’s for reading and enjoy the view 🙂