Interesting events are taking place. After 11 months of intense modeling and game development training, it all paid off. I landed a five month internship at a game company and I’ll be starting there tomorrow!

My main project will go on a break, because I want to move my focus and energy to this internship. Every step on my main game takes so much time and work to achieve alone, that it would just affect my work. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy making this game, but the fact is that creating game with a “realistic” style takes a shit load of time alone.

I said main game project, because I already started making a mobile arcade game 🙂

Game development is too fun of a hobby to completely stop. The arcade game will be a fine hobby project, because it’s lighters on the modeling and graphical side, but I get to enhance my programming skills. I’ve already made the basic mechanics for the game during this weekend and I’ll keep testing and implementing stuff whenever I have time for it.

This is what I made this weekend. I think it’s a good base to start working from!